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VMP 24.11.2017
Blender Open Source 3D creation. Free to use for any purpose, forever
Blender Reference Manual
Blender 3D – уроки
Inkscape – это профессиональный векторный графический редактор для Windows, Mac OS X и Linux. Он бесплатен и имеет открытый исходный код.
MoI 3D Moment of Inspiration Простая и интуитивная программа 3D моделирования NURBS поверхностей.
GIMP The Free & Open Source Image Editor
GIMP 2.9.6 Released
OpenSCAD is software for creating solid 3D CAD objects.
OpenScad 3D models

Руководство пользователя по OpenSCAD
Руководство пользователя по OpenSCAD/Первые шаги
Справочник (шпаргалка) по OpenSCAD
Моделирование в OpenSCAD для 3D печати.
Open Scad 3D Print
OpenSCAD User Manual
GitHub OpenSCAD – The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller
GitHub Creates a 3D Model (OpenSCAD) of the PCB in a Fritzing Sketch.
Open SCAD 3D printable Models
OpenSCAD 3D Print
Faster 3D modelling with openscad
OpenSCAD files
3D печать. OpenSCAD
OpenSCAD Libraries
3D Printer
OpenScad models
OpenSCAD Libraries
Mechanical Widgets
Open SCAD online
OpenSCAD + JavaScript = OpenJSCAD, edit locally or remote online, preview in browser direct via WebGL.
Join 4,190,000 engineers with over 2,430,000 free CAD files
The Openscad General Library of Relativity
Designing with OpenSCAD
SpiderBot (Hexapod) OpenSCAD Model
Introducing King’s Gambit a parametric open source chess set
OpenSCAD models
OpenSCAD for CNC
Open SCAD – How to Use for CNC and Laser Cutting!
импорт 3D модели в SCAD
3D Models with OpenSCAD