Make beautiful products, faster. Material is a design system – backed by open-source code – that helps teams build digital experiences
Introduction Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science
Bottom App Bars
Bottom Navigation
Bottom Sheets
Bottom navigation bars allow movement between primary destinations in an app
pix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface Screenshot
A tool for reverse engineering Android apk
apktool downloads
Installation Apktool
Apktool documentation
JAD Java Decompiler Download

Flutter Material Components widgets
CircleImageView A circular ImageView for Android
android_guides Must-Have-Libraries
An Android chart and graph library
25 new Android libraries and projects to check at the beginning of 2018
Top 10 Awesome Android Libraries — July 2018 For Android Developer Library GitHub

Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser
TensorFlow на AWS Удобные возможности для глубокого обучения в облаке. 85% проектов TensorFlow в облачной среде выполняются в AWS.
Deep Learning on ROCm
GitHub Facebook Research
nevergrad A Python toolbox for performing gradient-free optimization

On word embeddings – Part 1
On word embeddings – Part 2: Approximating the Softmax
On word embeddings – Part 3: The secret ingredients of word2vec
A survey of cross-lingual word embedding models
Word embeddings in 2017: Trends and future directions
Keras: The Python Deep Learning library
Deep Learning for humans
Keras examples directory
Стихи.ру – российский литературный портал
github IlyaGusev
Библиотека для анализа и генерации стихов на русском языке
Морфологический анализатор на основе нейронных сетей и pymorphy2
Задание по курсу NLP
Поэтический корпус русского языка
Code inspired by Unsupervised Machine Translation Using Monolingual Corpora Only
Open Source Neural Machine Translation in PyTorch
A library for Multilingual Unsupervised or Supervised word Embeddings
PyText A natural language modeling framework based on PyTorch

RusVectōrēs: семантические модели для русского языка
Sberbank AI
Классик AI: Cоревнование по стихотворному Искуственному Интеллекту
Программа MyStem производит морфологический анализ текста на русском языке. Она умеет строить гипотетические разборы для слов, не входящих в словарь.
A Python wrapper of the Yandex Mystem 3.1 morphological analyzer (
NTLK Natural Language Toolkit
nltk windows
Национальный корпус русского языка
Морфологическая разметка с использование обширного описания языка
A receiver operating characteristic curve, i.e., ROC curve

Neural Style Transfer: Creating Art with Deep Learning using tf.keras and eager execution
TF Jam — Shooting Hoops with Machine Learning
Introducing TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning in Javascript
Standardizing on Keras: Guidance on High-level APIs in TensorFlow 2.0

PyText Documentation
PyText A natural language modeling framework based on PyTorch
Recurrent Neural Network – A curated list of resources dedicated to RNN
Generation of poems with a recurrent neural network
Generating Poetry using Neural Networks
Chinese Poetry Generation with Recurrent Neural Networks
Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing , pages 1919–1924, Lisbon, Portugal, 17-21 September 2015. c © 2015 Association for Computational Linguistics. GhostWriter: Using an LSTM for Automatic Rap Lyric Generation
Generating Sentences from a Continuous Space
PoetRNN A python framework for learning and producing verse poetry
Language modeling a billion words
Deep Learning with Torch: the 60-minute blitz
NNGraph A graph based container for creating deep learning models
Tutorials for learning Torch

Как научить свою нейросеть генерировать стихи
КлассикAI жанра: ML ищет себя в поэзии
deep learning v: рекуррентные сети
Нейросеть сочинила стихи в стиле «Нирваны»

Building TensorFlow on Android
Building TensorFlow on iOS
Как использовать TensorFlow Mobile в приложениях для Android
TensorFlow Lite is for mobile and embedded devices
TensorFlow Lite versus TensorFlow Mobile
github tensorflow
Android TensorFlow Lite Machine Learning Example
After a TensorFlow model is trained, the TensorFlow Lite converter uses that model to generate a TensorFlow Lite FlatBuffer file (.tflite). The converter supports as input: SavedModels, frozen graphs (models generated by, and tf.keras HDF5 models. The TensorFlow Lite FlatBuffer file is deployed to a client device (generally a mobile or embedded device), and the TensorFlow Lite interpreter uses the compressed model for on-device inference.

TF Lite Developer Guide
TensorFlow for Poets 2: TFLite iOS
TensorFlow for Poets 2: TFLite Android
TensorFlow for Poets 2: TFMobile
Tinker With a Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser

TensorFlow Lite Optimizing Converter command-line examples

Differences between L1 and L2 as Loss Function and Regularization
L1 and L2 Regularization
L1- и L2-регуляризация в машинном обучении
L 1 -регуляризациялинейнойрегрессии. Регрессиянаименьшихуглов(алгоритмLARS)
L1 и L2 регуляризации для линейной регрессии
L1 и L2-регуляризация для логистической регрессии

Обработка естественных языков на языке Python
Практическое глубокое обучение в Theano и TensorFlow

TensorFlow For Poets
Get Started with TensorFlow
Train your own image classifier with Inception in TensorFlow
Google Developers

Приложение с прогнозом погоды на Kotlin, Retrofit и RxJava2
Retrofit на Android с Kotlin
Изучаем Retrofit 2
Как в Android получить данные с сервера с помощью Retrofit
Using Retrofit 2.x as REST client – Tutorial

Firebase Quickstart Samples for iOS
Firebase GitHub quickstart-ios mlvision
ML Kit for Firebase Quickstart The ML Kit for Firebase Android Quickstart app demonstrates how to use the various features of ML Kit to add machine learning to your application.
Recognize text, facial features, and objects in images with ML Kit for Firebase: iOS
Recognize text, facial features, and objects in images with ML Kit for Firebase

Введение в Firebase: пишем простое социальное приложение на Swift
Firebase GitHub
Firebase Android SDK
Firebase with Kotlin
Firebase Authentication Example in Kotlin
Используйте Firebase, единый кроссплатформенный SDK от Google, чтобы улучшить приложения
Интеграция Firebase в Android приложения
Начинаем работать с Firebase Cloud Storage на Android

kotlin-math Set of Kotlin APIs to make graphics math easier to write
A powerful library powered by AOP to manage Fragments
A library for dynamic view-to-view transitions
An example of custom chart on Android
Make your native android Toasts Fancy. A library that takes the standard Android toast to the next level with a variety of styling options. Style your toast from code.
A Retrofit 2 adapter for Kotlin coroutine’s Deferred type
Vector Drawable optimization tool
30 new Android Libraries and Projects released in Summer 2017 which should catch your attention

Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase
Flutter Install
MythBuster : 10 Rumors about Flutter, why it’s not worse than Android+Kotlin ?
Пять причин проникнуться симпатией к Flutter
Flutter for Android developers
Flutter For Android Developers : How to design Activity UI in Flutter

A Dart code generator that converts Figma components to Flutter widgets
From design to code

GraphQL is a query language for APIs
Introduction to GraphQL
Что же такое этот GraphQL?
5 причин, по которым вам не стоит использовать GraphQL
Figma Assets Speed up your workflow with pre-built Figma assets like UI kits, icons and component libraries
Свежие утилиты и инструменты для ускорения работы. Выпуск № 9


In order to decompile apk quickly, I write a script,,  based on dex2jar and AXMLPrinter.
After run the script, we can use jd-gui to view Java source code. If jd-gui meet some error, we can try with jad.

  Software                    Download URL


PlaidML PlaidML is an open source tensor compiler. Combined with Intel’s nGraph graph compiler, it gives popular deep learning frameworks performance portability across a wide range of CPU, GPU and other accelerator processor architectures
PlaidML is a framework for making deep learning work everywhere.
PlaidML PlaidML makes deep learning work everywhere.
Evaluating PlaidML and GPU Support for Deep Learning on a Windows 10 Notebook